Staff FAQ

When will I be paid for my recent shift?

We pay on the last Friday of the month following the month in which the shift was worked.  For example, if you work a shift in September, you will be paid on the last Friday in October via PAYE.

To receive your pay, you will also need to have provided your payment details and related information in Staffwise. This information is requested during the registration process. If this information has not been provided, your payment may be delayed.

Can I be paid cash in hand at the end of the shift?

No- Zest fully complies with employment and tax laws and all staff are paid via PAYE.

Will I be taxed on my pay from Zest?

The majority of our staff do not have tax deductions applied to their payments from Zest; however it depends on your personal circumstances and the information you provide us when competing your payroll profile in Staffwise. There is more information here: Zest and Tax

I am self employed- how do I submit an invoice and be paid direct rather than by PAYE?

Employed or self-employed status relates to the the work being undertaken, and not to the way you are classified at HMRC. Many of our staff work for some people on a self-employed basis and some on an employed basis, depending on the circumstances.

HMRC have issued detailed guidance on how the type of roles offered by Zest should be treated. In most cases, work for Zest must be on an Employed basis and paid via PAYE. If you believe your role should be treated as self employed, you are welcome to discuss this with us.

Being ‘registered as Self Employed’ does not effect your ability to do other work via PAYE, and both types of income can be reported to HMRC on the same tax return.

How do I claim for expenses?

Expense payments are sometimes available, depending on the job. To claim, you will need to have agreed an expense allowance beforehand with the Zest booker. You will then need to claim your expense via Staffwise. Receipts will normally need to be uploaded into Staffwise at the time of the claim. In some cases, alternatives such as an oyster account printout (for London Underground journeys) will be acceptable.

What is Paycircle and how do I log in?

Paycircle is our payroll provider. Every staff member has an account where you can manage your payments details and download documents such as payslips and P60’s.

Your login for paycircle will be the email address you have previously provided to Zest. Access your paycircle account at the following link:

I Cannot access Paycircle- it asked for email and Date of Birth, then said details not recognised.

This happens if you have not registered your account. Please search your email for the Paycircle registration email sent when you first joined Zest. (Or, for people who worked for Zest before February 2017, these emails were sent in about March 2017). You will need to click the activation link in the email and follow the stops. If you cannot find your registration email please contact Paycircle via the Chat Window on the paycircle website.

Only if you have gone through all of the above steps, please email for further assistance.

How do I obtain my P60?

Please log into your paycircle account. (see ‘What is Paycircle and how do I log in’ above).

Your P60 will be in the Downloads section of your profile. P60’s are available towards the end of May following the tax year end.

How do I get a P45 issued?

Please email us at to request your P45. Your P45 will then be generated during the next payroll process at the end of the month. You will then need to download it direct from your  paycircle portal. Your P45 will appear in the ‘Documents’ section.  See ‘how to log in to Paycircle’ in this FAQ for instructions.

If you were last paid by us before April 2016, we may be able to immediately email your P45. Please contact us at