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Working For Zest

At the heart of everything we do are our awesome staff. We have a happy and loyal team who are always keen to do a great job working for Zest which means a great job for our clients.

We have advanced, cloud based booking software which ensures your data is held securely and this enables us to maintain a very high booking accuracy rate.

This means that we enjoy very high levels of both staff and client satisfaction.

Not just anyone can become a Zest team member and we take every new applicant through a thorough hiring process. You may be interviewed via teams, on the phone or in person.

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Working For Zest- Interview Process

During the interview and after employment we always keep detailed notes regarding your performance which may cover : your quality of communication with Zest HQ/Client, preparedness for the role ie. reading your brief, uniform compliance, punctuality etc.

We only take on those individuals that we feel have the appropriate skills and attitude to deliver for our customers while working for Zest.

In exchange, Zest will : train you properly enabling you to successfully fulfil the needs of your role, ensure that you are always working in a safe and secure environment, ensure that you are delivering just on the role you have been booked for, ALWAYS pay you on time and finally treat you with respect and kindness at all times. We simply ask that you treat us in the same manner.

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Working for Zest Promotional Staffing

Working For Zest- First Step is to Register

Our Zest brand ambassadors have many skills in engaging, interacting and conveying our clients’ brand message but many of them have some extra talents too. When not busy on a promotional activity some work as Actors, Dancers or Vocalists.

We have staff that make their living from full time promotional work but also those that have other professions or students and use their promotional work for extra cash. All staff are paid via a fully compliant HMRC PAYE scheme with payments made monthly direct to your bank account.

You can get a great idea about the range of our activities by reviewing our home page and additional pages on promotional staffing and community engagement campaigns.
If you think you would pass the Zest test and would like to join our growing team, click below and select ‘Not yet registered’ below the login button.