Zest Client Testimonials

Eco Build Expo- Excel

One of our Zest client testimonials from an exhibitor at the Eco Build Expo- Excel.

” Hi guys, we have just had the girls from Zest here today, at an exhibition we have been doing here at the Eco Build at Excel. The girls are really attractive and great at pulling in the crowds. They have been working really great as a team, and the back office support from the company has been great throughout, and I’d really recommend you move forward with zest as a company”. -Zest client testimonial

Jason Higgins- Onvert.com

“Would just like to thank the zest team for finding some brilliant staff, brilliantly briefed and well trained. It has really made a difference to our three days here at Internet World. I can definitely say it was the right choice- short notice and exceptional value”- Zest client. -See the case studies below for more Zest client testimonials.

Case Studies

View our case studies to see how we have helped these major brands engage with potential consumers. Our brand ambassadors and other experiential staff are passionate about helping your organisation reach its goals, embodying your principles to ensure they are knowledgeable and reliable representatives. View zest client testimonials.