Case Study- Public Engagement for Southern Water

"The planning and execution was exceptional, delivering messages and support with the same passion and enthusiasm as our own teams."

Head of Brand and Content - Southern Water

Zest have been proud to partner with Southern Water on several public engagement campaigns. We have delivered numerous campaigns focused on encouraging the public to be more mindful of their water use and providing essential water saving advice and education.

Our Brand Ambassadors encourage consumers to take simple measures to control usage and reduce their bills at the same time, supporting Southern Water's efforts to manage water resources effectively. Our public engagement campaigns have included roadshows at local events, door knocking campaigns, walk-in information booths and surveys.

We also take the opportunity to inform customers of the help and assistance they can access when needed. Our public engagement campaigns are the ideal medium to explain and communicate to the public the longer term challenges and action plans for the industry.

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Local Public Engagement

Public engagement at local community events can be particularly effective at getting the message across. To this end, Zest has managed large numbers of community events, touring locations with a stand and engaging with the public.

Zest can create tailored surveys conducted on ipads with detailed analysis and reporting provided daily during a campaign. This can provide valuable data on specific local issues such as planned new facilities and the public's views on priorities, helping shape your future public engagement plans.

We also promote online information sources such as via face-to-face interaction and the use of QR codes.

Zest carries out similar activities for several other water companies, covering geographic areas as diverse as Cornwall and Northumberland.

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Water Industry Campaigns promoting water saving with public engagement. Contact Zest today.
Zest Promotional Staff on public information campaigns supporting public engagement

Client Feedback

"The team at Zest allowed us to be much more inclusive with the customers we engaged. It’s relatively easy for us to do research, but to really understand the local issues you need to embed with the community. The team at Zest drove a locally led approach that really targeted the areas we needed to engage with.

The planning team and those on the ground were a true extension of the team. They were able to help customers not only with the main area of focus (water scarcity) but also on vulnerability and local issues. The proof of success, is that we will keep using them!"

Head of Customer Insight - Southern Water

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"Southern Water asked Zest to pull together a team to talk to our customers about water saving behaviours, as part of our It All Makes a Difference campaign.

The planning and execution of the subsequent events was exceptional, with every detail discussed and thought through. The team really felt like they became an extension of Southern Water, delivering messages and support to our customers with the same passion and enthusiasm as our own teams.

We received detailed reports and analysis from the team after each event, which has helped inform our future campaign strategy."

Head of Brand and Content - Southern Water

"Working with Zest is a great experience from start to finish. The whole team, from the office to the Events Staff are fantastic; great energy, friendly and supportive and they all worked so hard.

The staff provided for the event were knowledgeable, enthusiastic and great at talking to the public and sharing key messages. I had such a great day with them all".

Customer Engagement Manager - Anglian Water

"Zest has been instrumental in how we have now managed to streamline how we can deliver a gold standard of customer service.

We are focusing on water efficiency and saving money for our customers. Zest have been essential to gaining our high scores within our in house customer satisfaction survey.

The positive feedback we have received from our customers whilst on the doorstep has been outstanding and this is down to the exceptional standard and quality of the Zest agents.

It has been a pleasure working with Zest."

Head of Customer Engagement - South West Water