The Brief: To drive memberships in new and existing gyms by leafleting, interacting with the public, distributing literature door to door and wearing morph suits and sandwich boards.

The Execution: We designed a unique and bespoke selection program to ensure that we always provided just the right type of person. Our booking systems allow us to accurately book staff all over the UK at the same time. We have served Pure Gym in over 70 UK locations, providing over 3500 staff shifts, sometimes at very short notice.

The Feedback:  “After trying several other promo companies we came across Zest and have never looked back! The team completely understand our requirements as a business when looking for promotional staff. Any issues or concerns have been dealt with immediately and the quality and reliability of the staff has been extremely good. From distributing flyers, working a promotional stand or completing questionnaires, Zest have been able to provide us with suitable staff for all. We have a great working relationship with Zest and would highly recommend them.” National Sales Manager, Pure Gym