Working for Zest

Zest (noun)

– great enthusiasm and energy

– animating spirit

– eagerness and keen interest

At the heart of everything we do are our awesome staff. We have a happy and loyal team who are always keen to do a great job for Zest which means a great job for our clients. We have state of the art software for our database management and booking system which ensures nothing is missed. Our slick systems enable us to maintain a very high booking accuracy rate, meaning we enjoy high levels of staff and client satisfaction.

Not anyone can become a Zest team member and we take every new applicant through a thorough hiring process. We only take on those who have the Zest in them to get results for our clients.

Our  Zesters have many skills in engaging, interacting and conveying our clients’ brand message but many of them have some extra talents too. When not busy on a promotional activity some work as Actors, Dancers, Stilt Walkers, Roller Skaters, Vocalists, Look-a-likes and Choreographers.

Many of these skills have been usefully integrated into a particular campaign as an attention grabbing way of promoting the message. If you have special skills, let us know!

If you think you would pass the Zest test and would like to join our growing team, click below and select ‘new to Zest staffing’ below the login button.