Zest (noun)

- great enthusiasm and energy

- animating spirit

- eagerness and keen interest

Exhibition Staff

Here at Zest we've built one of the UK's largest networks of energetic and enthusiastic Exhibition staff. Our staff are passionate about helping you maximise the returns on your exhibition investment. We work with all sizes of client from national brands to local businesses to promote your message. We also work with marketing agencies on a white label basis. Whether you need Exhibition staff for a single event or for complex, multiple location promotions, we can help.

Engage your visitors

Zest exhibition staff will work hard to engage visitors at your exhibition. Their experience and skill sets allow them to effectively draw people to your company’s stand. This makes their assistance a valuable contribution a successful exhibition.

Call us to discuss how our staff can can help boost interest in your stand.  Exhibition promotional staff are often the first point of contact for visitors. Our staff have the personality and attitude to represent your brand in the best possible light.

Our exhibition staff will proactively engage with exhibition visitors. They will draw visitors to your stand and discuss the merits of the products or services on offer. Where appropriate they will also redirect visitors to experts within your own team.

Relatively few attendees at an exhibition are actively approached by an exhibitor’s representative. Just 6% on our research. You can dramatically improve this with good exhibition staff and avoid missing out on lucrative and valuable opportunities. Doing so will increase the return on investment for your exhibition.

Contact us

Find out how our Exhibition staff, Brand Ambassadors, Leafleting teams,  Entertainers and other Experiential staff can help you reach you target customers. Call us on 01489 80 80 81 or email us at: hello@thisiszest.com