Demonstration and Sampling staff

Zest (noun)

– great enthusiasm and energy

– animating spirit

– eagerness and keen interest

Want to show potential customers your products and services?  Run product demonstration events with assistance from Zest’s demonstration staff. Whether a single event or a large, multi-site programme, we can meet your staffing needs. We work with all sizes of client from national brands to local businesses to promote your message. We also work with marketing agencies on a white label basis.

Make your products come to life in front of people’s eyes, highlighting the best features in an exciting and interesting way, and show visitors what they have been missing out on.

We also work on food sampling projects in the food and beverage industry.

Many of our demo staff are part-time actors and presenters. Their energetic and enthusiastic and outgoing personalities will draw customers to your stand.

Dedicated to learning everything about your product, these demonstration staff will expertly showcase the main features and exhibit the item at its best, ensuring customers can truly see and understand its potential.

If you would like to discuss how our demonstration staff can meet your product demonstration needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 01489 80 80 81 or emailing us a