Brand Ambassadors

Zest (noun)

- great enthusiasm and energy

- animating spirit

- eagerness and keen interest

Here at Zest we've built one of the UK's largest networks of energetic and enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors. We work with all sizes of client from national brands to local businesses to promote your message. We also work with marketing agencies on a white label basis. So whether you need Brand Ambassadors for a single event or for complex, multiple location promotions, we can help.

Zest brand ambassadors are passionate about helping your organisation to reach its goals, which is why they invest in understanding your brand and embodying your principles to ensure they are knowledgeable and reliable representatives.

All our brand ambassadors have will have been briefed to a high standard. Their professional attitude and approach will give you the confidence to deal with other important matters during your event or campaign.

We’re engagement experts who know which events staff will get you the best results. We carefully select people with the skill sets which best match your needs and objectives. 

Our friendly and approachable brand ambassadors love engaging with your customers, which is why they are the perfect candidates for representing and creating a buzz around your company.

If you would like further information on our brand ambassadors, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 01489 80 80 81 or emailing us a