50 Shades of Pigeon as Zest staffs PR stunt

This week we were excited to provide 50 staff for the National Express #catchthepigeon PR stunt in London, in association with Creative agency OneBlackBear and Social Media agency ShadowGiants.

At Zest we were delighted to provide a seamless, hassle free experience for the client, with all 50 staff in place at 7am prompt and ready to get into the spirit of the day with energy and enthusiasm.

Providing the right staff for such an event and ensuring 100% reliability on the day involved several steps. Each participant was individually interviewed to ensure the right fit for the task, and individual verbal and written briefings were given.

Standby staff were booked at the departure point in case anyone was late, as events like this must run precisely on time. GPS based clocking in technology was also used to ensure all staff were correctly located.

Taking time over the details ensured a smooth execution with a happy client and happy staff, with everyone really enjoying the stunts.

A big thank you to all our staff for being truly awesome on the day.