Charlotte’s African Adventure- Tanzania!


In mid September, Charlotte Gibson our senior account manager left for Tanzania for a 3 week charity trip. The trip was focused on providing help for the Women’s Christian Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania.  Within the orphanage one “mama” cares for 20 children, aged between 3-15 years old – a hugely daunting task.

Charlotte was joined on her travels by her husband Tom and friend Hope Prosser. Hope is the leading charity fundraiser for the Women’s Christian Orphanage and will be returning for her 6th trip in January 2016. To help fund their trip Charlotte cut off her 3 feet long brunette hair.

Their tasks when in Africa involved renovating different aspects of the orphange, plastering walls, fixing floors, and adding ceilings into some of the buildings. In addition, they took the children for some desperately needed medical checks as well as supplying them with new school equipment, shoes and bags. They also took the fun stuff with them by taking 20 shoe boxes full of children’s toys and goodies (all shipped by DHL for free.) Charlotte also drew on her performing arts background by running dance and music workshops with the children.

Funds are still desperately needed as this is the only source of income for this orphanage. Please see the attached video and if, like Charlotte and Zest, you would like to sponsor the Women’s Christian Orphanage then contact